• Clockwise from top left: Steven McKay, Esther, Rebecca, Chloe, Lois and Abigail.

    Steven McKay, Perth I say ginger or red, not orange, which it actually is!I had someone yesterday tell me I shouldn’t be wearing a green jumper. How can they suggest you wear certain colours?

    People make judgements about your character by your hair colour. If you start to tell your kids that which comes first? Throughout life it has been helpful in developing character, I was bullied at school and thought it was because of my red hair but it was probably becuase I was annoying I would use my hair as an excuse. I was mocked slightly for having red hair you learn to be more quick-witted.

    Before kids people would ask if we were brother and sister which is outrageous! its gingerism! They think all people with ginger hair look the same. You dont expect them to marry someone with ginger hair. I said to myself, “The next person who says that I will lamp [punch] them” but then it was a church minister so I reneged on my vow!

    Rebecca McKay, Perth, stay at home mum,

    I would say red hair but in early teens I said auburn sunrise.

    I was walking with the girls and a car stopped and sad are you all red haired! Someone behind us walking here was taking photos on their phone on the sly! I had a van stop and stare in Ballymena.

    At the library people come up and say “you must hear this all the time btu I have to say” I lived in Colombia for a year and people thought my hair was dyed.People who used to have red hair say they wished they had red hair.

    I am one of five and all have it but not as bright as mine. Its not sought after or admired. There is an irn bru advert where they are shouting at redhairs kids and she drinks it with the slogan “Irn bru get you through"! I think my four daughters are wonderful as God made them and I am content with what God has given them.

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