• Lynn Ballingall, Glasgow, Scotland.

    I love it- I have blonde and brunette and ginger hairs. You get the best of all three in one.

    I don’t think I am unique or special. Hairdressers love my hair, as do the older generation, they always ask if I dye it and when I say no they say, “dont ever dye it!”.

    My skin is pale and it burns. I did go in the sun for two weeks on holiday and tanned. I think it was genuine and not just freckles joining up. I’d say I’m not white but pink, which affects the dresses you wear. My mum was told that gingers can get away with wearing any colour. They just can’t wear grey.

    When I travel I get a lot of stares. In Bangladesh everyone thought it was my birthday. I visited a clinic and a man (with hair dyed) shouted “birthday? birthday?”. They dyed their hair on their birthday, you see.

    At school there was 250 people but only 3 ginger people. In first year they would say “Ha! Your hair is on fire!” but I wasnt too upset. My mum and brother have it but before them my great grandparents on her side only.

    You feel solidarity with other gingers but probably because it looks nice.

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