• Caitlin Palmer, Glasgow, Scotland.

    I’d say I’m British because dad is Irish, mum is Scottish and I was born in England. I have lived in Scotland for nine years. I don’t know what I am!

    Mum always felt she was coming home as its in the biology- Scotland feels more like home.

    When I started school in Scotland I got the biggest reaction. In Dumfries [south Scotland] there was only a handful of redhead.

    On the subway to come here I sat opposite a guy with red hair and next to someone. We are a little community in Glasgow!

    People coming up and saying I love your hair, its so nice, though usually only old people. I can’t speak on behalf of all gingers but I am fiery tempered at home for sure. There is no downside, I would never change it. I love it- its unique and great.

    A guy in Germany came up to me and said it would turn white one day! That will be nice, it stays different not like everyone else.

    Friends love it but only as their crazy ginger friend.

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