WSJ Mansion- Edinburgh New Town

Spare million? This is the place to invest, according to the Wall Street Journal's Mansion section. On assignment December 2016, I walked 15 miles revisiting locations and waiting for the right light and sheltering in Pret when the sub-zero winds became too much.

Forward planning is key to successful shoots. Sometimes deadlines appear and we have to respond but in an ideal world we get the best by planning. This property shoot was commissioned by an editor who knew her job- to convey as much about the local atmosphere as the fabric of the homes. This was a mix of daily life and landscape, something I was very happy to shoot and put the groundwork in. She gave a good space ahead of the deadline to choose the best conditions and visit on a couple of different days

She was happy, I was happy. The world seemed happier too. There is a lot of love in Edinburgh at New Year. 

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